Sable's Homepage

I am Sable, a grumpy, grotty, old, bully/staffy X blue healer/dingo.
I like be to lazy and sometimes play with my little mate Jack.

Me on me old chair. Aint I cute. Commando crawl FTW!.
This is my old chair I used to lounge on. It is long gone now, so I lay on the cool tile floor, or if it is a bit of a chilly day, I will find some of the bosses clothes lying on the floor and lay on them. Sometimes I am sneaky (or spoiled) and I climb up on the couch. I love to have a feed and I will eat anything, but pizza and chook are my favourites, I even eat live fish sometimes when we go fishing. I also love rolling in the stinkiest things I can find, especially chook shit.

I don't wear a collar anymore, I've never really needed to be on a lead when going for walks because I have enough brains to walk beside the boss and ignore any distractions that come my way. A lot of people commend my master on how well trained I am, but he has never had to teach me anything. I think growing up in the bush and going everywhere with the boss when he was working or fishing helped me to gain a good grasp of common sense. I laugh at the stupid mongrels behind their fences barking their guts out as we walk past, sometimes I even run up and down the fence to stir them. The boss always smiles and says to me 'Thank god you aint as dumb as that mutt mate, otherwise I'd have to shoot ya'.

I used to run around heaps, I even did it as a job for a few years chasing cows, but now I'm a bit old and lazy and only walk around the block, or run down the shops. Since I'm getting on a bit, even walking around the block knackers me, and afterwards I spend a couple of hours snoozing, then when I wake up the old legs are a bit stiff and I sometimes fall over when I try and stand up.

Even though I am old and don't have many teeth left, I will jump into the fray and tear the shit out of any bastard that tries to harm my master and my friends. I once tore a mans arm apart because he tried to kill me while I was chained to a runner in the front yard. He was an arsehole and I never liked him from the moment I met him. He ended up with nearly 100 stitches in his arm. Lucky he was a friend of the boss and didn't complain to the council or police, otherwise they would have probably shot me. He showed me more respect (or was it fear?) after that and we sort of got along.

I tell you what, it was bloody hard to type this shit with my fat old paws. :P

R.I.P Sable 01/01/1996 - 01/06/2013